Camping Guidelines for COVID-19

When camping, Harmony Park visitors should follow these recommendations: 

  1. Plan ahead. Make reservations online or by phone before you arrive on site. Reservations are required, and can be placed online. Cash-less and minimal-contact transactions  to avoid lines and person-to-person interactions. This will help protect you, other visitors, and staff. 
  2. Be self-sufficient. Be prepared to be as self-contained and self-sufficient as possible. For example, arrive prepared with your own soap, surface disinfectant supplies, hand sanitizer, paper towels/hand towels and toilet paper just to be sure. 
  3. Socially distance yourself. To ensure that social distancing can be maintained, it is best to set up your campsite—sleeping, campfire and eating areas—to maximize distance from adjacent campsites that host people from different households. Only share a tent, camper or RV with people from a different household if you can maintain social distancing at all times. Social distancing is also important at bathrooms, campfires, trails and any other areas where you may encounter people from different households. 
  4. Know before you go. Be prepared for lower levels of service and public contact. Plan ahead for your visit. Ensure that you have maps of the area downloaded
    or printed before you leave home, in case they are
    not available on site. Many facilities will be canceled or closed, so check online resources for updated information about rules changes and closures so you know what to expect when you arrive. 
  5. Follow the rules. Follow all campground rules and instructions, whether given in writing or verbally, that protect your safety and the safety of others. These rules and instructions include direction about things such as: 
  •  Wearing face masks in public settings, such as within bathrooms, shelters, and around campfires. 
  •  Observing cleaning protocols for self-service facilities and amenities before and after using them. 
  •  Leaving furniture, such as picnic tables and chairs, as you find them—they are appropriately spaced by the campground to encourage social distancing. 
  •  Maintaining social distancing among members of different households if multiple households are using your individual campsite/campfire. Where it is not possible to maintain social distancing with people from other households, individual campsites will be limited to use by members of a single household. 
  •  Following directional signage – e.g., wait your turn and capacity limits – that will promote social distancing in buildings and around other confining spaces. 
  1. Be well informed. 

Visit Stay Safe MN and MDH guidelines for information and tips to help keep yourself, your family, and the community healthy. 

Visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website for up-to-date Outdoor Recreation Guidelines. 

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